Best Coconut Cake Recipe Ever with Coconut Rum

by Natalie on April 6, 2011

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. It of course has religious meaning, but for me it signifies the end of winter and the coming of summer. By the time Easter is here the sun has found its place in the sun and I am enjoying the first warm rays on my skin. As an adult I don’t have three months off to enjoy doing nothing, but the idea of summer’s freedom still seems to be present.

My mother is a natural hostess and it seems as if she has hosted about 24 of my twenty-something Easters. We would spend days in the kitchen making cakes, pies, and prepping a ham (I was always in charge of coloring the coconut). I, of course, have had Easter on my mind for weeks already and have something really great to share with you. I have come up with the most amazing cake I have ever eaten. I love coconut and it seems to go hand and hand with Easter so I’ve come up with the best coconut cake recipe ever with coconut rum.

The cake itself is a dense, golden cake that isn’t too sweet. It is lightly flavored with coconut extract. It is baked in the oven until all the edges are toasted and then brushed with a little coconut rum.

The bitterness of the rum is so yummy against the sweetness of the coconut.  Between the layers I put a coconut icing and coconut flakes. After icing the cake I top it with toasted coconut. Any extra toasted coconut is great sprinkled on a slice. It adds a little crunch.

This coconut cake has a great balance of sweetness without being overly coconut. Its flavors seem to peak the day after it is made and assembled.  I hope this Easter you can enjoy a slice while sitting in the sun and dreaming of summer’s freedom.

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